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Het boek over waar het bij Oerkoepel om draait; onderkomen en wonderkomen

With over 1000 photographs, Shelter is a classic celebrating the imagination, resourcefulness, and exuberance of human habitat. First published in 1973, it is not only a record of the countercultural builders of the  60s, but also of buildings all over the world. There is a history of shelter and the evolution of building types. Tents, yurts, timber buildings, barns, small homes, domes, etc. There is a section on building materials, including heavy timber construction and stud framing, as well as stone, straw bale construction, adobe, plaster and bamboo. There are interviews with builders and tips on recycled materials and wrecking. The spirit of the  60s counterculture is evident throughout the book, and the emphasis is on creating your own shelter (or space) with your own hands. A joyful, inspiring book. Learn about: Caves Huts Dogon dwellings Masai, Ethopian, Kabre dwellings Iron Age huts Tin and thatch Tents Tuareg tents Bedouin tents Tekna Yurts Early timber structures Sheds Hexagon barn Floors and footings Concrete floors Windows and doors Roofing and skylights Tools and tips Japanese homes Shakes and shingling Eucalyptus lumber Saplings Timber-frame Mortise and tenon Cob Cinva-Ram Stone Baled hay Plaster Sod Canvas Hawaiian lashing Reed Bamboo Thatching Wrecking, salvage, and recycled building material Earth shelters Housetrucks Houseboats & junks Treehouses Carpenter Gothic Dome Log Adobe Zomes Solar water heaters Solar energy Windmills