Device Lab Lwd ?

Ik ben een tijdje geleden bij Jurjen de Vries geweest en hij maakt onderdeel uit van Permanent Future Lab Utrecht en hebben daar een prachtig Device Lab.... Wat denken jullie? Is dit haalbaar in Leeuwarden?

In een Device Lab worden nieuwe technologien getoond en kan iedereen het testen, gebruiken, lenen, huren, etc.... Oculus Rift, Google Glass, Apple Watch, iBaecons,etc... We hebben al eens een bijeenkomst gehouden in Leeuwarden met Coolminds: Virtual Valley, ik denk dat dergelijke partijen hier zeker in mee willen participeren. maar ik denk ook aan gemeente Lwd., Provincie Fryslan, Zorgverzekeraars en andere ondernemers in de regio. Een omschrijving van de plek in Utrecht: (Engels) About Permanent Future Lab Permanent Future Lab (PFLab) shares and facilitates accessibility to technology at publicly accessible locations. Anyone (such as animals, people and extraterrestrial life forms) of our society is welcome to (digitally) visit, discover and tinker with the available technology, without any monetary obligations! The only prerequisite as a visitor is to share experiences and other findings with others, resonating the entire eco-system PFLab thrives in: the sharing economy. The eco-system, as can be seen in the figure, PFLab ecosystem.png works by sharing: Every location a physical PFLab can be found at is being shared. Technology available at such a location is being shared by people and other parties with no direct commercial interest. Visitors are being welcomed by hosts, sharing their time, kindness and knowledge. Having a host is an option and can be done by people or other forms Experiences, new knowledge and innovations are being shared by hosts, visitors and annealed fans. What makes PFLab possible? Well, next to a location and visitors, it is realized by a social movement structured by a self-organised decentralized people network. This means everybody, including you, can join and contribute too! Everything is an informal happening based upon three core values. By stimulating and facilitating PFLab the idea is to: making new technology accessible for a broader audience, and reducing the gap between the world of upcoming technology and society. Next to 'passively' sharing, the movement stimulates the society to think about new developments related to technology by activities such as: sharing knowledge online with others, co-creating and developing new, better ideas. Therefore upcoming new technology with an open source character is being preferred. Like most novel products, new technology does not necessarily match the needs of current society. Especially because new technology can influence society on a different level and scale with disruptive consequences, the movement like to contribute to think and contribute positively to a rapidly changing world. foto's van het lab: Welke apparaten zijn er aanwezig in Utrecht: